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  Pre-Engineered Metal Building: PEMB 

A pre-engineered metal building, known as a PEMB system, is similar to a giant erector set. PEMB Erectors provide a cost-efficient alternative, pre-engineered metal building system, with steel framing, roofing, and walls. These strong and durable metal buildings are an excellent choice for industrial warehouses, man caves, shops, riding arenas etc.  An alloy of iron, steel contains less than two percent carbon, making it long-lasting, durable, and highly rust-resistant.

At JCS Construction Services, we hold our PEMB erectors to strict safety standards. We work with Butler, Corle, Renegade, SuKup, Star, VP, American, Iron Built, Heritage Steel Buildings and many more. The best part about metal buildings is quality work at a reasonable price. 

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